Where to Buy CubeSats Online in 2020

By SatCatalog – August 2, 2020

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6U CubeSat orbiting Earth at 430 km. Image courtesy of UNM/COSMIAC.

CubeSats – A Growing Industry with Heritage Vendors

As interest in space continues to expand, so does the number of new space companies founded each year. Since 2015, the number of CubeSats launched has increased over 250% and continues to grow each year. CubeSats offer an affordable method for universities and smaller organizations to conduct science and missions in low Earth orbit (LEO).

While this guide focuses on the top-rated and flight proven vendors there are hundreds of other vendors that specialize in specific components for space missions, you can view the full list on here.

AAC Clyde Space

Formally known as Clyde Space, merged with AAC Microtec in 2018 to form AAC Clyde Space. The company was founded in 2005 and has extensive heritage the development and delivery of spacecrafts. Combining Clyde Space, a CubeSat industry leader with AAC Microtech, a proven and reliable SmallSat supplier, AAC Clyde Space offers everything from CubeSat to SmallSat components and bus/platforms.
Founded: 2005
Locations: United Kingdom and Sweden
Vendor Website: AAC Clyde Space


Blue Canyon Technologies

Blue Canyon Technologies (BCT), a CubeSat and SmallSat manufacture that delivers robust, resilient, and radiation tolerant hardware and platforms. BCT has supported missions for the U.S. Airforce, NASA, DARPA, and many others, one such mission was MarCo, the first interplanetary CubeSats that traveled to Mars. As of this writing BCT has a combined on-orbit time of 450+ years.
Founded: 2008
Location: United States
Vendor Website: Blue Canyon Technologies



NanoAvionics is an advanced nanosatellite platform and component manufacturer. While they are relatively new, they have completed over 75 successful satellite missions. They offer bus platforms for 3U, 6U, 12U, and 16U CubeSats. Their CubeSat components cover all subsystems, including a green AND-based monopropellant propulsion system with a specific impulse of 213 seconds.
Locations: United States, United Kingdom, Lithuania
Founded: 2014
Vendor Website: NanoAvionics



GomSpace has over 13 years of experience manufacturing and supplying CubeSat SmallSat solutions for customers. They supply high quality heritage and flight proven hardware to academic institutions and commercial and governments markets. GomSpace is actively working with ESA, to develop the Juventas CubeSat that will measure the gravity field of two asteroids.
Locations: United States, Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg
Founded: 2007
Vendor Website: GomSpace



EnduroSat offers innovative heritage hardware that has excellent price-to-performance. They focus on their components, ways looking forward and implementing new innovative methods to increase performance, decrease risk, and customer cost. EnduroSat offers full-cycle support and is capable of mission control.
Location: Bulgaria
Founded: 2015
Vendor Website: EnduroSat


Innovative Solutions in Space

A Netherlands-based satellite company providing innovative solutions for both the CubeSat and SmallSat industry. They offer flight proven platforms from 1U, 3U, 6U, 12U, and 16U CubeSats, in addition to offering ground station, launch service, and mission operations support.
Location: Netherlands
Founded: 2006
Vendor Website: Innovative Solutions in Space


Pumpkin Space

Started delivering CubeSat Kits in 2003 and pioneered the use of sheet metal for CubeSat structures. They provide low-cost flight ready and education hardware for most low Earth orbit missions. Their CubeSat kit, offers modular structural components and parts, allowing customers to select specific components based on their mission requirements.
Location: United States
Founded: 1995
Vendor Website: Pumpkin Space

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