View our frequently asked questions from ranging from CubeSats to SmallSats and even landers. Satellites are complex systems and require a balancing act of many variables includes mission conops, power sizing, placement of components, and available funds, and much more!

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CubeSat Design Specifications (1U to 27U)

1U CubeSat

Dimensions: 10 cm x 10 cm x 11.35 cm

Mass: 1.33 kg

1.5U CubeSat

Dimensions: 10 cm x 10 cm x 17.02 cm

Mass: 2.0 kg

2U CubeSat

Dimensions: 10 cm x 10 cm x 22.70 cm

Mass: 2.66 kg

3U CubeSat

Dimensions: 10 cm x 10 cm x 34.05 cm

Mass: 4.0 kg

6U CubeSat

Dimensions: 22.63 cm x 20 cm x 36.6 cm

Mass: 12.0 kg

12U CubeSat

Dimensions: 22.63 cm x 22.63 cm x 36.6 cm

Mass: 24.0 kg

27U CubeSat

Dimensions: 34 cm x 35 cm x 36 cm

Mass: 54.0 kg

Are there any products that have export / ITAR restrictions?

Product export restrictions may apply to certain countries and/or depending on end-use of component.

Product procurement and delivery timelines

Both procurement and delivery timelines for components and spacecraft platforms can be as short as several weeks or upwards several of years. Timelines are largely driven by a vendor’s ability to produce a reliable, thoroughly tested, and space-rated product as well as incorporating customer requirements and needs.

Product Compatibility

The majority of CubeSat products will be compatible with other CubeSat products, however different interfaces and/or interface convertors may be required to ensure compatibility. Components associated with SmallSats and larger spacecrafts may require additional work to achieve compatibility.

What is the PC/104 Specification?

PC/104 Specification is an electrical and mechanical interface standard PCB’s used by the CubeSat community. For additional information regarding the document, please refer to the PC/104 Specifications document.

Document: PC/104 Specifications v2.6

Do Interface Connections Matter?

The interface between subsystems and components is critical that they are compatible and support the data bandwidth between components. Each protocol (UART, I2C, SPI, SpaceWire) have their own bitrate speeds, this is critical for onboard science instruments.

Protocol TypeBitrate
UART9600 bit/s
I2C (standard)1000 kbit/s
I2C (fast mode)4000 kbit/s
I2C (high speed mode)3.4 Mbit/s
I2C (ultra fast mode)5.0 Mbit/s
CAN (classic)1.0 Mbit/s
CAN (FD)8.0 Mbit/s (max)
SPI5.0 Mbit/s
SpaceWire2 to 400 Mbit/s


Worlds First Commercial Spherical Reaction Wheel

Tensor Tech has developed the first COTS spherical reaction wheel called Reaction Sphere. The novel reaction wheel allows the satellites to maintain and be controlled along all three axes.

Where to Buy CubeSats Online in 2020

As interest in space continues to expand, so does the number of new space companies founded each year. Since 2015, the number of CubeSats launched has increased over 250%.