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The most flown CubeSat system in history; the AAC Clyde Space Starbuck-Nano range are powerful electrical power systems that support platform sizes from 1U up to 12U, optimized for Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Each of the power systems are specialized for platform and solar panel size. The Starbuck-Nano range can support both body mounted as well as deployable solar panel configurations and supports Lithium Polymer Battery configurations.

Our 3G EPS motherboard is designed to support 3U, 2U and 1U CubeSats with body-mounted solar panels. The FlexU EPS is a combination of our 3G EPS motherboard and daughterboard which features an extended number of Battery Charge Regulators (BCRs) which enables this solution to support high-power CubeSats, from 3U spacecraft with deployable panels, right up to high performance 12U missions.

Our EPS range performs power control and distribution using analogue components, employing multiple inbuilt protection methods to ensure safe operation during transport, launch and a full range of EPS telemetry via the I2C network. Each power generation section is self-sufficient and does not require support from any other section within the EPS, the redundant solid-state isolation switches make it more reliable during launch operations. These features make our EPS the most robust solution in the CubeSat market. Employing Maximum Power Point Tracking which provides a highly efficient battery charge mechanism, that maximizes the power generation from the CubeSat solar arrays while employing taper current to increase the lifetime of the battery.



AAC Clyde Space – Starbuck-Nano-Pico

ManufacturerAAC Clyde Space
ClassificationEPS/PCDU + Battery
Sub-classificationEPS + Battery
Form FactorCubeSat
Vendor Overview
Vendor NameAAC Clyde Space
Vendor Website
Vendor LocationsJapan, Korea, Sweden, United Kingdom
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    ClassificationEPS/PCDU Battery
    Form FactorCubeSat
    VendorAAC Clyde Space
    Mass0.086 kg