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Compact, autonomous star-tracker unit providing high accuracy attitude determination based on advanced star-tracking algorithm for Micro-and Nano-satellite missions with mission lifetime up to 5 years (minimum). The star-tracker is jointly developed by Terma A/S and Space Inventor ApS based on a scaled-down version of the Terma’s T1 star-tracker with a smaller optical system and computer processing unit based on high reliable COTS components.

The compact optics of the camera provides a 20 deg circular field of view and – although compact – provides enough signal to track across the entire celestial vault. The standard baffle provides a Sun exclusion half-angle as low as to 37.5 deg. The optical head is based on a CMOS Active Pixel Sensor with a suite of integrated on-chip functionality supporting a complete new class of miniaturized high-performance star trackers. Terma has taken the miniaturization challenge as far as possible, without compromising the accuracy required from a state-of-the-art star tracker. The new Optical Head have been designed with very few components, for high reliability and low recurrent cost.

The processing unit houses the star catalogue and the software algorithms for initial attitude determination and continuing attitude update. Also, the unit provides power to the camera.



Space Inventor – STAR-T3

ManufacturerSpace Inventor
ClassificationStar Tracker
Form FactorCubeSat
Vendor Overview
Vendor NameSpace Inventor
Vendor Website
Vendor LocationDenmark
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    ClassificationStar Tracker
    Form FactorCubeSat
    VendorSpace Inventor
    Mass0.35 kg
    Nominal Power1.0 W