QwkSep 15 Low-Profile Separation System

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Sierra Nevada Corporation’s (SNC) Space Systems QwkSep 15 Low-Profile Separation System (LPSS) provides a low-shock solution to small satellite separation in an extremely low profile. The system is designed for standard ESPA (EELV Secondary Payload Adapter) with a 15-inch satellite interface launch configuration (orthogonal to thrust axis). The interface rings have integrated adjustable kick off springs, pass-through separation connectors and redundant telemetry indication of positive separation. The system is released with a mini, low-shock Clamp Band Opening Device (CBOD). This design configuration has heritage in more than 100 successful flight releases.

The CBOD features redundant circuits driven by a typical pyrotechnic firing pulse. Based on our space-qualified Fast-Acting Shockless Separation Nut (FASSN) technology, the CBOD restrains the band tension bolts with a double helix, flywheel nut. The back drive torque of the high lead, band tension bolts is reacted through the CBOD by the latched flywheel nut. A pyro-compatible pulse releases the flywheel nut, which spins up and ejects the tension bolts. The strain energy in the band is converted to rotational energy in the flywheel nut allowing the two mating halves to separate with extremely low shock.



Sierra Nevada Corporation – QwkSep 15 Low-Profile Separation System

NameQwkSep 15 Low-Profile Separation System
ManufacturerSierra Nevada Corporation
ClassificationLaunch Adapter
Sub-classificationSeparation System
Form FactorSmallSat
Vendor Overview
Vendor NameSierra Nevada Corporation
Vendor Websitehttps://www.sncorp.com/
Vendor LocationsGermany, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States
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    ClassificationLaunch Adapter
    Form FactorSmallSat
    VendorSierra Nevada Corporation
    Mass6.8 kg