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The piNAV-NG is the Next Generation of Ultra Low Power Space-Friendly CubeSat GPS L1 receiver specially designed to provide continuous accurate position determination onboard small satellites in LEO or high-altitude balloon missions with limited power and mass budgets. It requires only 10 % of power in comparison with conventional space-grade GPS receivers allowing permanent data output.

Easy-to-use serial data interface output providing standardized NMEA sentences together with external GPS antenna provides a smart standalone solution for all kind of Space-grade projects where the precise position, time, date and velocity information is required. The VPP (Valid Position Pulse) and PF (Position Fix) signals are available on System Interface connector to indicate the receiver status.

Ultra-low mass and dimensions fits perfectly with all kind of space-demanding satellite projects. Engineering Models (EM) with mechanical and electrical properties are available with software limitation at reduced pricing.

The Flight Model is assembled by ESA certified personnel. Evaluation kit with USB serial interface to accelerate implementation activates is delivered together with the piNAV-NG/EM and is offered separately for the piNAV-NG/FM product line.



SkyFox Labs – piNAV-NG

ManufacturerSkyFox Labs
ClassificationGNSS Receiver
Form FactorCubeSat
Vendor Overview
Vendor NameSkyFox Labs
Vendor Website
Vendor LocationCzech Republic
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    ClassificationGNSS Receiver
    Form FactorCubeSat
    VendorSkyFox Labs
    Mass0.024 kg
    Nominal Power0.125 W