Orbikraft-Pro 6U

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The SXC6 nanosatellite platform is a combination of onboard service systems and structural elements for developing a small satellite in the CubeSat 6U format. On-board systems (main and backup on-board computing module (BVM), primary and backup power supply systems (BOT), primary and backup VHF transmitters, primary and backup batteries, on-board network, flywheel unit, X-band transmitter, 2-star sensors, 6 solar sensors, PN integration module, housing).

The PN integration model is a general-purpose microcontroller with an integrated library of information interface with the platform, API and open circuitry, as well as two single-board Raspberry Pi computers. This architecture allows you to implement your own software on the computing power of the platform or to develop and integrate your own components using proven circuitry solutions.

The SXC6 platform allows third-party PN integration. Allowed the placement of payloads up to 3U with a weight of not more than 5 kg. The platform provides two radio channels: VHF two-way channel Earth-Cosmos-Earth and high-speed channel Cosmos-Earth. The VHF channel transmits digital information in the range of 430-440 MHz with a speed of 9600 bps. The high-speed data channel operates at speeds up to 10 Mbps.

The average orbit power consumption of monoliths in low Earth orbits (NOO) not higher than 600 km while maintaining the solar orientation is about 15 watts. The capacity of the available battery is at least 30 Wh. It is possible to completely de-energize all systems by disconnecting the battery and solar panels from the power supply bus of the spacecraft. Using solar panels, the spacecraft receives at least 15 watts of electricity.



Sputnix – Orbikraft-Pro 6U

NameOrbikraft-Pro 6U
Form FactorCubeSat
Vendor Overview
Vendor NameSputnix
Vendor Websitehttps://sputnix.ru/ru/
Vendor LocationRussia
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