NanoCom XT8250

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The GomSpace NanoCom XT8250 is a flexible and efficient DVB-S2 compatible X-band transmitter system comprised of an integrated antenna and a SDR-based modulator. The system provides downlink rates up to 225 Mbps.

The product is based on our flight proven series of Software Defined Radio (SDR) products and integrated antenna designs. With up to 3W RF output power and DVB-S2 compliance, the product is compatible with standard ground station services at X-band. The integrated antenna, includes antenna and power amplifier in a single module, to improve efficiency and reduces EMI inside the satellite.

The NanoCom XT8250 is ideal for innovative nanosatellite Remote Sensing missions requiring high downlink data rates. The modulator occupies a single PC104 style PCB inside the satellite while the integrated antenna occupies a 1U surface on the face of the satellite.

The modulator provides local data buffering of 124GB and data can be transferred to the modulator through three separate SpaceWire, CAN and RS-422 interfaces.



GomSpace – NanoCom XT8250

NameNanoCom XT8250
ClassificationMicrostrip Antenna, SDR
Sub-classificationPatch Antenna
Form FactorCubeSat
Vendor Overview
Vendor NameGomSpace
Vendor Website
Vendor LocationsDenmark, Luxembourg, Sweden, United States
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    ClassificationMicrostrip Antenna, SDR
    Form FactorCubeSat
    Mass0.56 kg