MicroWheel 1000

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MSCI is proud of the extensive flight heritage our world leading MicroWheel 1000 (MW 1000) Reaction Wheels have gained.

The MW 1000, part of MSCI’s High Performance Attitude Control product line, is a small, digitally controlled reaction wheel for space applications. The 1000-series MicroWheel is for satellites requiring less than 1000 mNms of momentum storage. It can include an optional angular rate sensor, to allow the device to become a sensor/actuator pair. An embedded microcontroller operates both the wheel and optional rate sensor. The microcontroller implements speed and torque control loops for the reaction wheel, allowing it to accurately track speed or torque commands from a satellite’s attitude control computer. Commands and telemetry (including wheel speed, acceleration, torque, rate sensor reading, temperature, voltage, current, and internal pressure) are communicated via a serial interface.

The MicroWheel is hermetically sealed, containing a <0.1 ATM dry argon environment, to prevent the loss of bearing lubricant, and to promote convective heat exchange.

MSCI’s MW 1000 MicroWheels provide a simple, drop-in solution to satellite control. With their serial data interface, the MicroWheels perform all motor control tasks internally to generate precisely the torque requested by the Attitude Control System (ACS) computer.



Microsat Systems Canada – MicroWheel 1000

NameMicroWheel 1000
ManufacturerMicrosat Systems Canada
ClassificationReaction Wheel
Form FactorSmallSat
Vendor Overview
Vendor NameMicrosat Systems Canada
Vendor Websitehttp://www.mscinc.ca/
Vendor LocationCanada
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    ClassificationReaction Wheel
    Form FactorSmallSat
    VendorMicrosat Systems Canada
    Mass1.44 kg
    Nominal Power9.0 W