Micro Static Infrared Earth Sensor

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Micro static infrared earth sensor IRES-LAS-3 is a new generation earth sensor based on focal plane array technology. It employs three thermopile infrared detectors. The field of view of every detector is 30°×40°. The sensor images the earth’s infrared radiation through 14-16um wavelength, processes the digital image and obtains vector information of the sensor pointing to the center of the earth. Micro static infrared earth sensor consists four parts: optical system, circuit system, software system and main structure.

1.The optical system is used for imaging the earth’s radiation to obtain the required information about the earth’s edge.
2.The circuit system includes information processing board and power board. The information processing board cooperates with the software to complete the functions of image acquisition, image analysis and processing, gesture calculation and input and output. The power board completes the power conversion to meet the internal power demand.
3.The software system includes FPGA software and SCM software.
4.The main structure is used for installation, while providing anti-radiation and ESD protection.

NameMicro Static Infrared Earth Sensor
ManufacturerMama Aerospace
ClassificationEarth Horizon Sensor
Form FactorSmallSat
Cost Average$125,000 (USD)
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Vendor NameMama Aerospace
Vendor Websitehttps://www.mamaaerospace.com/
Vendor LocationUnited States
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    ClassificationEarth Horizon Sensor
    Form FactorSmallSat
    VendorMama Aerospace
    Mass0.32 kg
    Nominal Power2.0 W