High-Resolution Push-Broom Satellite GF Sat

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High-Resolution Push-Broom Satellite GF Sat – (1) High resolution up to 0.5m panchromatic resolution, 2m or less standard multi-spectral resolution, 4m or less extended multispectral resolution, and 5m or less infrared multispectral resolution enable it to unveil clear ground truth and applicable for land investigation, agricultural and forestry resources survey, environmental surveillance, geographical mapping, disaster relief, etc. (2) Optimized spectral wave bands The master load has a full waveband, 4 standard multispectral bands (blue, green, red, and infrared) plus four short near-infrared wave bands, while the vice load has 11 wave bands. (3) Extraordinary agility rapid and accurate sub-satellite point imaging with multiple imaging modes: conventional push-broom imaging, large-angle side-sway imaging, multiple-point imaging, bands matching and stereo imaging, a maximum angle of +/- 45 degree side-sway imaging and maximum motor angular velocity 2 deg/sec, orbit control capacity to maneuver and maintain the orbits. (4) Wide-frame photography 20 km or above swath width of sub-satellite imaging with superior observation. (5) Customized production High-end customized products of long life and short delivery cycle (24 months) are available.



Chang Guang Satellite Technology – High-Resolution Push-Broom Satellite GF Sat

NameHigh-Resolution Push-Broom Satellite GF Sat
ManufacturerChang Guang Satellite Technology
Lead Time24 Months
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Vendor NameChang Guang Satellite Technology
Vendor Websitehttps://www.cgsatellite.com/
Vendor LocationChina
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    VendorChang Guang Satellite Technology
    Mass1100.0 kg