GOS Sun Sensor

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Our sun sensor is based on a simple but reliable principle. We use a pinhole baffle with a special geometry and a PSD – a position sensitive device. The electronics are located on the back side of the PCB and include all necessary circuits, like operation amplifiers or ADCs and a µC. Our sensors have extremely low power consumption. The data is delivered via a I2C bus. Recalibration or configuration can be performed using the I2C bus or via the connector on the top side of the PCB, which offers advanced debugging functionality. Our sensors come with a coarse or a fine calibration, but can also be purchased uncalibrated. The sensor module can be combined with our cube sat solar arrays but is also suitable for use in microsatellite projects.



German Orbital Systems – GOS Sun Sensor

NameGOS Sun Sensor
ManufacturerGerman Orbital Systems
ClassificationSun Sensor
Form FactorCubeSat
Vendor Overview
Vendor NameGerman Orbital Systems
Vendor Websitehttp://www.orbitalsystems.de/?lang=en
Vendor LocationGermany
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    ClassificationSun Sensor
    Form FactorCubeSat
    VendorGerman Orbital Systems
    Mass0.0097 kg
    Nominal Power0.0145 W