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Space Micro celebrates its 14-year anniversary in 2016 and continues to support the Space Industry with innovative, affordable and high-performance Digital/Image Processing, RF Communication and Attitude Determination Sensor Products.

Space Micro’s Coarse Sun Sensor is a very low-cost, high reliability device with >20 years of flight heritage. They are designed to provide attitude determination information during various mission modes including launch vehicle separation, initial attitude acquisition, emergencies and off-nominal modes. They can also provide coarse sun vector determination as a backup to higher resolution sensors.

The Coarse Sun Sensor contains a single photodiode, with the housing assembly also serving as an aperture. The inexpensive, lightweight sensor (only 20g) draws no power and has an accuracy of better than +/- 5 degrees over a full angle 120-degree field of view. Sensors are available in panel mount or through-hole configurations

The Coarse Sun Sensors have flown successfully on multiple spacecraft, including ALEXIS, HETE, MOST, CHIPSat, STPSat-1. and are compatible with virtually all launch environments.



Space Micro – CSS-01, 02

NameCSS-01, 02
ManufacturerSpace Micro
ClassificationSun Sensor
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Vendor NameSpace Micro
Vendor Websitehttp://www.spacemicro.com/index.html
Vendor LocationUnited States
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    ClassificationSun Sensor
    VendorSpace Micro
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