Antenna System for 6U-12U CubeSats

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The Antenna System for 6/12U CubeSats design is based on the hugely successful ISISPACE deployable antenna system for 1U up to 3U CubeSats. This system has been redesigned from a more modular approach, to fit into 6/12U structures while, at the same time, providing the same capabilities. The antenna system allows the same options in antenna configuration such as 4x monopole, 2x dipole, 1x turnstile. Other configurations such as hybrids between dipole and monopole are also available that can cover from the VHF to UHF frequency ranges and they are deployed under user command.

NameAntenna System for 6U-12U CubeSats
ManufacturerInnovative Solutions In Space
ClassificationWire Antenna
Form FactorCubeSat
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Vendor NameInnovative Solutions In Space
Vendor Website
Vendor LocationNetherlands
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    ClassificationWire Antenna
    Form FactorCubeSat
    VendorInnovative Solutions In Space
    Mass0.115 kg