1N Monoprop Hydrazine Thruster

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The 1N monopropellant hydrazine thruster is used for attitude, trajectory and orbit control of small and mid-size satellites and spacecraft. The thruster is typically used in our own propulsion systems and is also available separately for use in our customers’ propulsion systems. More than 500 units of this thruster operate successfully in space.

The 1N thruster was derived from the space proven 0.5N thruster, of which some 165 units were flown on OTS-2, ECS, Marecs, Telecom-1, Skynet 4 and NATO-IV. Since these applications, the thruster has undergone multiple refinements, especially in achieving a minimum possible production cost. Today, this unit may be regarded as a low-cost thruster

Propellant supply to the thruster is provided by a two-stage flow control valve comprising two identical monostable, normally closed valves placed in series within a single housing. Additionally, each thruster is equipped with an internal redundant catalyst bed heater and with thermal insulation to guarantee optimum start up. All materials used in the valve and thrust chamber assembly have been selected for compatibility with hydrazine propellant. Thrust is generated when the control valve is commanded to open causing propellant to be fed to the thrust chamber where a decomposition reaction takes place within the catalyst bed.

The thruster is also designed to serve as a heat barrier for protecting the flow control valve and the spacecraft structure from improper high temperatures. In addition, the thruster is qualified for multiple cold starts.



ArianeGroup – 1N Monoprop Hydrazine Thruster

Name1N Monoprop Hydrazine Thruster
ClassificationMonoprop Thruster
Form FactorSmallSat
Vendor Overview
Vendor NameArianeGroup
Vendor Websitehttps://www.ariane.group/
Vendor LocationsFrance, Germany
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    ClassificationMonoprop Thruster
    Form FactorSmallSat
    Mass0.29 kg