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SatCatalog is an online space hardware platform aimed at streamlining the component selection process and connecting customers quicker to vendors. Our online platform holds components for all spacecraft types and sizes, applicable to a wide range of applications. We do not monetize or accept donations of any kind, we are group aiming to give back to the space industry.

 — President of SatCatalog


Our mission is to enable quicker spacecraft design and development in hopes to further advance our understanding of science and our universe.

  • Online hardware platform to streamline the component selection process.
  • Applicable to all types of spacecrafts and missions.
  • Quickly sort and find flight heritage or new hardware.
  • Connect quicker with vendors and suppliers.
  • Largest online database of spacecraft hardware.
Diverse Hardware Database
Search through the largest dataset of satellite hardware. Discover components applicable to all spacecraft and mission types.
Heritage Components
Find components that have flown on numerous missions. Stay updated as our hardware database will update as new components are released.
Discover New Systems
We help connect spacecraft engineers and developers more quickly to vendors.



  • 1000+ COMPONENTS
  • 300+ VENDORS

Terms of Service

Reference other sites TOS and apply a similar TOS for this website. Great examples would be pcpartspicker, cubesatshop, and other space related companies. It’s critical to explicitly state that all components on the website are not owned by satcatalog and satcatalog is not affiliated or responsible for incorrect/inaccurate data. We try our best to provide the best.

User Code of Conduct

Add user code of conduct here – explaining to users that we are not responsible for incorrect data and this site is supposed aid in the early satellite formulation process of exploring potential hardware solutions that can be employed to for specific applications.

Industry Code of Conduct

Add industry code of conduct for manufacturers / vendors, stating all information on this website was scrapped via scripts and is periodically updated. SatCatalog is not responsible for data that is incorrect or out of date.